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I have a masters in communications at Johns Hopkins University with a specialty in digital communications. I also have certifications in social media and personal branding.



Hootsuite Platform Certification


LinkedIn Personal Branding on Social Media


Udemy Social Media Marketing

Academic Courses:


Research and Writing Methods
AS.480.600 (82)

Nonfiction Filmmaking
AS.480.680 (51)

Introduction to the Digital Age
AS.480.601 (51)

Changing Behavior Through Communication
AS.480.602 (81)

Theory of Mass Communication Practices
AS.480.604 (51)

Using Social and Digital Media
AS.480.637 (81)

Web Writing and Content Strategy
AS.480.636.81 (81)

Utilizing Images: Media Literacy In Practice

AS.480.638 (81)

Strategic Communication Program Management

AS.480.654 (81)

Practicum: Independent Study 

AS.480.806 (81)

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